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Argos Medical Sciences

Changing Medicine.
Changing Lives.

Omnium Rerum Principia Parva Sunt
- Marcus Tullius Cicero


About us

Argos Medical Sciences is comprised of world's leading chemists, physicians, and technology minds focused on providing peer-reviewed research and product formulation to the global health and wellness industry.

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Insights & Innovation

We believe in developing products for those who need them.

Our plant-based research division is working with public and private sector entities to develop industry standards and advanced the global acceptance of cannabinoids in medical treatments.


Executive Team

Argos Medical Sciences is led by a passionate, driven, and knowledgeable team, including an advisory board with experience, passion, and an exciting vision for the future of medicine.

Our Purpose

Our reserach into the field of cannabinoids is backed by our accredited and respected leadership, scientific progress, and dedicated research teams.